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Allround Tyres have a fully operational workshop with the latest computerised diagnostic equipment and engineers to carry out the exact service required by your vehicle.
What is a vehicle diagnostic?
A vehicle diagnostic is carried out using an intelligent piece of technology that communicates with your vehicles computer to determine if there is a fault. The technology directs the engineer to the area that may be at fault with your vehicle.
The diagnostic equipment does not fix these problems but points the engineer in the direction of the fault and helps determine what is wrong with the vehicle. It is also of benefit because the engineers will not need to take the engine apart unnecessarily or swap components to find a problem, resulting in more cost effective repairs. Allround Tyres, Engine repair
When would I need a diagnostic?
Usually when your vehicle tells you! You may have a warning light on your vehicle's dashboard indicating a fault. It could be the Airbag Light, ABS or Check Engine Light, for example. This is your vehicles’s computer letting you know that there's a problem.
You may have heard the phrase "limp mode". This occurs when there is as issue with your vehicle affecting the emissions. To prevent any major problems, your vehicle disables certain features and you will most certainly notice a loss in power. Allround Tyres have the ability to determine exactly what the cause of the problem is, then fix it and take your vehicle out of "limp mode".
What would happen following a diagnostic?
The diagnostic may pinpoint to a single fault that can be immediately rectified by our engineers.

However, vehicles do pick up minor faults whereby your warning lights momentarily light and then switch off again, but the vehicle still registers these. Our engineers would need to clear the vehicle’s computer memory and may ask you to run the vehicle for a length of time.
Allround Tyres, Engine repair
Any faults picked up after this time would indicate a specific problem which the engineer can then rectify. In this case, we will not charge you for the second diagnostic.
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